Border protesters cheered on by visitors and locals as Aussies awaken

Border protesters cheered on by visitors and locals as Aussies awaken

 Hundreds of protesters filled the streets at beachside Coolangatta, a sight rarely, if at all ever seen before, in the border town.

Protestors marched up the hill to the border monument above Duranbah Beach.


A PROTEST on the NSW-Queensland border at the Tweed Heads and Coolangatta twin towns was cheered on by tourists and locals on Sunday. Drivers stuck in the traffic jammed streets honked in support and high-fived the protesters out of their car windows.

Tweed-Coolangatta families, workplaces and institutions have been literally split in two, forcing businesses and institutions into slow mode or shutdown because of lack of staff and customers – all because of a stupid notion that a border can control a virus – especially in a city where the border runs down the middle of the main street.

Tweed-Coolangatta has since federation effectively operated as one town, but in 2020-21 has been periodically divided by ludicrous border restrictions premised upon the idea that some non-symptomatic “infected” person will cross the border and spread “the virus” everywhere.

The fact is these viruses have already spread everywhere and up to 80% of the population has natural immunity, that is, herd immunity. The latest incarnation of this boogie man is “the delta variant”, which is just a deficient mutation of the many genetically engineered Wuhan corona viruses falsely labeled as “the novel corona virus”. (See Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich from 27min 16s)

The idiocy is coming from state chief health officers on both sides of the border who should know better. At best they are running a massive money-making scam for pharma-medical interests involved in corona virus-related patents, as exposed by Dr Martin (see 29:36 mark) but at worst are running a diabolical social engineering scheme and psychological war designed to destroy the western middle class and usher in the World Economic Forum’s totalitarian global system based on the China mass population control model.

These treacherous public health imbeciles follow a predictable pattern as part of this process: A “case” is suddenly declared to appear from somewhere. That case could be pneumonia, severe flu or even a bad cold. Or it could even be someone without any symptoms who was “in contact” with someone from some so-called “hot spot” somewhere.

So, another round of bogus RT-PCR testing is ramped up to produces more false positives that are breathlessly reported by the media as “increasing cases”. And of course the “only solution” is to shut everything down, wear masks and get vaccinated by one of the experimental COVID vaccines doing the rounds.

But Australians in increasing numbers are not buying into this nonsense. When demonstrators can fill the streets of a tourist town like Tweed-Coolangatta and be cheered on for doing it by onlookers, you know there’s an awakening and growing resistence to this public health lunacy.

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