Leaked documents narrate Brazil police’s encounter with UFOs


Humanoid aliens were present…

The Brazilian police report also claims that humanoid aliens were present in the region following the UFO sighting.

Rony Vernet, a self-styled alien researcher has released secret documents from Brazilian police that surprisingly narrated their encounter with unidentified flying objects (UFO). A report published in Daily Star narrates the researcher’s finding, and it claims that the Brazilian police had encountered a UFO in 2008.

Brazilian UFO event triggered a military investigation.

The document translated and released by Vernet also claims that the mysterious UFO event even led to a military investigation. According to the report, a woman named Renata Veloso saw an object descend at high speed from the sky similar to a lightning bolt on November 19, 2008.

“I walked to the window and saw a huge luminous object (hexagon) accompanied by two other smaller spherical ones that rotated under its orbit. From the window of my apartment, I commanded the action of the Military, and when they saw the object, they began to scream in a situation of enthusiasm, despair, and surprise,” read the report, Daily Star reports.

The report also notes that police officers witnessed humanoid beings after the UFO sighting. According to the report, these alleged aliens were very small in size, and moments after the encounter, the power in the area was cut off.

“On November 19 and 20 we had an experience, together with several other Military personnel and people we met and interviewed about lights that flew over the city, and also about small “humanoid” beings that were chased by the Mitsubishi 13533 vehicle around 12 mph between the planted canes.

These humanoids seemed to slip through the reeds. In all the actions of this Officer, several armed Military personnel followed the phenomenon at different times, in one of these moments, we were in 3 vehicles,” added the report.

By Nirmal Narayanan

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